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Venz Capital review venzcapital.pro Scam

Venz Capital review venzcapital.pro Scam

The broker Venz Capital (venzcapital.pro) – is an independent brokerage company that provides access to financial markets to institutional, corporate and individual clients (Venz Capital review on forex-fun.com).

venzcapital.pro – is a classic pseudo-broker who predictably does not have any documents. The documents section only shows legal provisions, which are most likely simply stolen from another site. A license, which any real broker must have, is absent here as a phenomenon.

About Venz Capital review

Venz Capital is a leading online trading service provider, offering investment services for trading with Forex and CFDs on indices, commodities, shares and stocks. Our aim is to provide access to a highly-functional platform and quality services. This means our clients will receive the best and most transparent trading experience.
Our main task is to be able to help whenever you need this the most. Personalized service is also offered for customized service and perfect communication to reach your goals.
Venz Capital is a synonym to excellence in the world of forex trading. With a long track record of providing its global customer base with an outstanding and trustworthy trading experience, we offer clients everything they need to make informed trading decisions. We strive to stay ahead of industry trends by adopting the latest technologies to cater for its clients’ evolving needs.

It’s just a shame that this is all a lie. Of course, the project in question is not a broker in principle. It’s not even a kitchen. This is a very simple, completely false scam, cooperation with which is absolutely unacceptable. There is every reason to believe that this is yet another offshore broker who masterfully plays around with his clients, quietly making money on them. His only task is to earn money for himself, and that’s all.

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Site description venzcapital.pro

First of all, you should understand that Venz Capital is a new, unknown broker. There are no real reviews about venzcapital.pro on the Internet.

The website venzcapital.pro is fraudulent. The money he sent cannot be returned. True, they can make you a small payment to show that they are withdrawing money in principle. Don’t think that they will take you out, this is impossible in this project.

venzcapital.pro review

There is nothing interesting about this site. There is no really important information on the site. Some kind of spatial reasoning, empty promises of freebies, typical mainly for second-rate scams, ridiculous pictures taken from nowhere.

Venz Capital review – Is this a reputable broker?

Trusting your money to such unverified brokers is dangerous by default, because 99% of them turn out to be scammers who close in the first year of their life. Well, or they just change the name and continue to deceive people under the new sign.

In general, the description on the site is characterized by the saturation of frank water. There are quite a few specifics, which is absolutely unacceptable for a supposedly completely legal broker. What is needed is not empty words and absurd promises, but facts and confirmation. For example, where did they get the idea that they offer the best tools? Why are they the most modern, if the same ones can be found on the websites of other brokers? In general, water, nothing more.

The essence of deceit Venz Capital

The essence of the scam venzcapital.pro is to defraud large sums of money under the guise of Forex and CFD trading. Pseudo-broker managers promise newcomers quick training, high-quality signals and assistance from analysts, but in the end it all comes down to constant extortion of deposits and their subsequent drainage on a fake platform.

Everything that happens on the website venzcapital.pro is not true and is just an imitation of trading. Attendance at the resource venzcapital.pro is low, each client is led by phone, lured out of everything, and when the client no longer refuses to find money for them, they reset the deposit, as if the client was to blame for not listening to them and losing the money.

Forex-fun.com – Does not recommend this project

The scam venzcapital.pro is designed for the client to lose a large amount of money – several thousand euros.

Fraudsters help with their advice to part with money; when the client comes to his senses, his accounts will be empty and several loans will be hanging. All promises of venzcapital.pro managers will remain empty promises.

Also, scammers do not allow clients to withdraw their own money from their accounts. When managers realize that the victim is no longer going to make new deposits, his account is actively drained through unprofitable tips and twisted charts.

Conclusion Venz Capital review

You should not contact Venz Capital (venzcapital.pro) under any circumstances. This is not a broker, this is an ordinary, but very dangerous scammer. Here you will only be scammed out of money, but you won’t get any profit, not a penny.

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  • I was trading with them and was satisfied until they started delaying my order, guess i will have to look for another broker.

  • This broker is a dubious company. There are many situations here where it becomes noticeable that the broker is working against the trader. I open a position and it goes at a loss. And this continues until I close the position. Very similar to a fraud on the part of this broker.

  • This broker has too many hidden fees. I found that I was being charged additional fees without warning.

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