Everything you need to know about refunds from scam brokers

Even if a trader is 100% sure that he is right, it is not easy to prove the fact of violations. There are a lot of difficulties, ranging from collecting documentary evidence (reports, screenshots, correspondence, etc.) to the reluctance of an unscrupulous company to get in touch.

  • It makes sense to contact the bank about a chargeback if:
    • the intermediary ignores calls, messages, online requests regarding the delay of the transaction;
    • withdrawal of funds does not occur for a long time;
    • it is not possible to receive bonus assets due to the broker’s violation of the agreement;
    • the withdrawn amount never reaches the card, bank account, or e-wallet.
  • Also on the pages of our website you will find recommendations for any case and answers to the most common questions:
    • how does a chargeback from a fraudulent broker happen and how realistic it is, according to reviews, to get your money back;
    • how much time is there to carry out the banking procedure to protest a monetary transaction;
    • in what sequence to act if you were deceived;
    • is it possible to get money back from a specific broker (is he on the blacklist of scammers);
    • what points in the contract should you pay close attention to when making claims;
    • what is required to resolve the conflict in court and how long it will take.

Our project has nothing to do with legal companies and does not deal with returns. Anyone who uses our brand for return services is a scammer!